These projects are no longer supported or developed.

TSuperList is a free open source component for Delphi 2.0 and C++ Builder 1.0 (it will work in later versions, just build a package) that incorporates better control over a standard TListbox control.

TSuperList incorporates a panel with a plus and minus button for addition to and deletion from a listbox. Input and editing is made through a built in InputBox, so it requires no coding to add, delete, or edit items in the listbox. The majority of the testing has been done in C++ Builder because that is the environment that I work in most.

sx360 is an open source, cross platform C++ library for dealing with 360 column binary format. sx360 supports files greater than 4 GB in size, unlimited card count, and custom punch mapping.

Project files are available for XCode, Visual Studio 2005, and Linux (autoconf/automake).

sx360 has been tested on : Download zip file with project files for Visual Studio 2005, Xcode, and autoconf/automake here.

Download gzip archive here.