MobileCan support

Version 2.0

  • All connections from version 1.0 must be reentered.
  • After running a query, the first 20 records are retrieved. This is not indicated on the bottom toolbar. It simply says "Records." If the next 20 records are retrieved, the text is properly updated.

Memory Usage

MobileCan uses cursors for select queries, retrieving 20 records at a time. If there are large fields in your query, it is possible to run out of memory. Typically, this would be fields of around 30-40 kilobytes. If this happens MobileCan will 'give up' the last retrieval of records.

As a result, all queries that have 'select' as the first word will have a cursor automatically assigned to them.

Version 1.0 does not support the editing of connections.

Version 1.1

Added extra security for passwords. When creating a connection, the password can be left blank, and when logging on to a database, you will be prompted for the password. Passwords are not stored on the device in this instance.